What makes us different

Let’s get real; you don’t have to be a Pet Nutritionist to know good food. But it’s nice to have one on staff. Don’t feed your pets fast food. Nurture them with our slow-cooked recipes for healthier, happier pets.

Customized meals

Each meal is customized as per your pupper's breed, age & medical conditions if any.

Freshly cooked

The only pet food team delivering freshly cooked meals made every day and delivered every day.

Right food

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Slow cooked

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Who Are We?

We are an all women team trying to make a difference in each puppers life with our nutritional meals.

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Our Aim is to provide freshly homecooked food daily at your doorstep.
In a world where kibble is designed to sit on a shelf for months, nutrition comes second. If your furry pet could tell you what their purpose was, They would bark “to bring you joy”. We’re here to return the favor, making them happy from the inside out through real food, so they can live and enjoy the best thing in life…FOOD.

Why fresh

Would you ever feed your human baby packaged food day in day out, we don't think you would even eat out fast food everyday then why your pupper's should eat kibbels?

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Cause it’s balanced and has all the nutrients…
A home cooked meal has to be supplemented to be balanced that’s where we come in and curate a meal.

Freshly made meals is and has always been the right medicine for your pet!

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